Whiten Teeth At Home Fast

The appearance of a person’s teeth plays an important role in creating a good first impression. It seems that Americans have taken this advice to heart because in the US alone more than $600 million is spent annually on teeth whitening. As people have become more conscious of their appearance and their smiles there has been an explosion in the number teeth whitening products and there is now a profusion of products available for whitening teeth at home.

Using A Home Tooth Whitening Kit

Some of the home use teeth bleaching products include tooth whitening paste, tooth whitening trays and whitening gels. Tooth whitening is one of the fastest and best ways to improve your appearance and the cost of these home tooth whitening kits is around $20 which is affordable for the majority of people.

Because of the variety of whitening products available to improve the color of teeth many consumers start by trying the simplest remedy first. A whitening toothpaste is often the first step in the tooth whitening process although it often produces poor or limited results.

The next step is usually to move on to a home tooth whitening kit. There are differing opinions about the effectiveness of the home tooth whitening kit. Some people suggest that as a tooth whitening system it is totally inadequate; while others maintain that some of these kits are extremely efficient. Both groups are correct. Often those who suggest that the home tooth whitening kit does not work are the people who use these kits without any prior whitening treatments.

Home tooth whitening kits are often not powerful enough to whiten the teeth because the concentration of the required chemicals is much lower than that used by a dentist. Therefore, when used for the first time, they will not be as effective as advertised. When purchasing this type of home tooth whitening kit it is always advisable to check the strength of the bleaching agent used. The strength of the bleaching agent usually hydrogen peroxide will be listed on the packaging.

Look for home tooth whitening kit that contains professional strength bleach. Other tips for using these kits and improving their effectiveness is to use them early don’t wait for your teeth to become heavily stained or discolored. And always follow the directions on the package.

Advantages of a Home Tooth Whitening Kit

White teeth are not only a sign of good health but they are also an indicator of good health. Remember that many diseases can begin with poor oral hygiene, and decaying teeth can lead to digestive and intestinal problems.

Whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home will put you in control of your oral care and will give you the freedom to whiten your teeth at a time that is convenient to you and not by appointment.

A home tooth whitening kit is much cheaper than a professional whitening treatment by a dentist.

Disadvantages of a Home Tooth Whitening System

Because the chemicals used in teeth bleaching kits can be harsh some people have been known to develop sensitive gums through overexposure to the chemicals. That’s why it is important to follow the directions on the package and not to use these products for longer than the recommended time.

Some people think that by using the whitening kit for longer or by using more of the product than recommended they will speed up the whitening process. This is unlikely to be the case and can often lead to problems later, including sensitive gums as already mentioned.

Whitening teeth at home is a much longer and slower process than professional teeth whitening which can produce instant results.


If you begin early to care for you teeth and maintain a healthy oral hygiene program, you may not need to resort to professional whitening. However, do not wait for your teeth to become heavily stained or turn before you think about using a home whitening system.

And if you’ve already had your teeth whitened professionally, ongoing maintenance by whitening teeth at home will assist in keeping your teeth brighter and whiter for longer.

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