Teeth Whitening Procedures

Top Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

One of the most important aspects of your appearance is your smile and your teeth have a starring role! Therefore, it is essential to keep your teeth in good condition and white in order to maintain your hygiene as well as personal appearance.

After all, you never know who could fall in love with your smile! In this article we will be looking at a few ways you can whiten your teeth and ensure your pearly whites are well taken care of.

teeth whitening kitThe first way you can whiten your teeth is to buy over the counter whitening strips and other tooth whitening products. There are many great products on the market which are extremely inexpensive and can get the job done to a satisfactory level.

Also, if you choose to use these products, be sure to also use a tooth whitening toothpaste in order to get the best results. In order to find the most effective tooth whitening strips or gels, all you have to do is a quick search on Amazon or Google and purchase the ones with the highest number of 5 star ratings.

Another alternative to whitening your teeth is to simply visit your Ohio dentist and ask them about their available teeth whitening procedures.

This is quite different from a teeth cleaning, and not all dentists provide this service. However, once you find a good dentist that offers tooth whitening, make sure to have him/her explain their process and show you before and after pictures of past clients.

This can be quite costly, but the overall effect of getting your teeth professionally whitened is definitely worth any price. If you have particularly dark teeth or really bad stains, then this is your best option to get the whitest teeth possible. These treatments are extremely powerful, especially in comparison to the over the counter solutions.

However, if you don’t want to go to a dentist or buy whitening products, there are also many other ways to naturally whiten your teeth at home. One great solution is to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

All you have to do is use a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and mix to form a paste. Then, simply apply the paste to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as normal but be sure to brush your back teeth as well. This will not only help you to get whiter teeth, but it will clean your entire mouth and gums.

Lastly, you can try coconut oil pulling. All you have to do is take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for five to ten minutes. Make sure to not swallow any of the oil and be sure to do this after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Many people who have done coconut oil pulling have attested to the remarkable teeth whitening effects as well as its micro bacterial properties.

In closing, whatever method you choose, make sure to stick to it and develop a teeth whitening regime. Once you take good care of your teeth, you will surely have an amazing smile for many years to come.