Teeth Whitening In Houston

Teeth in an Hour in Houston: Fact or Fiction?

If someone were to tell you that you could completely make over your teeth in an hour in Houston, would you believe them? There just has to be a catch in there somewhere. Thinking back on all your experiences in the dentist’s chair makes it hard to believe that you could receive treatments designed to greatly improve your teeth in an hour in Houston. It sounds more like a stretch of the imagination; false advertising; an idle promise. In reality, this is how far dental science has come! It is now possible to get beautiful teeth in an hour in Houston, thanks to the sophistication of the treatments, technology and training dentists now have at their disposal. Teeth in an hour in Houston is fact, not fiction! It is possible and more and more dentists are offering people the chance to walk out with that dashing George Clooney or dazzling Jessica Alba smile in as little as a 60 minute appointment.

Teeth in an Hour in Houston: The BriteSmile Treatment

Modern day living is fuelled by a cocktail of chemicals, such as caffeine and nicotine. While more and more people are becoming conscious of the detrhymental impacts of these chemicals on our health, a day without that morning cup of coffee does seem to be especially challenging for many! That’s not forgetting the mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon, late afternoon, evening and midnight cups of coffee either! But it is not just the serial coffee-drinker that the perfect bright and white smile eludes; many people are born with naturally discolored teeth. So, whether it’s the toll of years’ worth of drinking and eating particularly staining foods or a poor hand in the genetic lottery, more and more people are seeking ways to permanently remove stains and discoloration from their teeth.

The BriteSmile whitening system can give patients beautiful teeth in an hour in Houston. Tooth bleaching has been around for 25 years, but the old systems involved weeks of treatment for which patients had to wear mouth trays and one can only imagine how inconvenient that must have been! Furthermore, patients were given strict instructions to avoid a variety of foods and drinks, which no doubt contained all the good ones. Thankfully, tooth bleaching is a technique that has kept up with the pace of developments in modern science and now; getting dazzling teeth in an hour in Houston has become possible.

Teeth in an Hour in Houston: Health First, Aesthetics Later

The one and only catch to getting beautiful white teeth in an hour in Houston, is general oral health and hygiene. In many cases, teeth discoloration is a direct result of a bacterial infection and/or periodontal disease in the mouth and gums. In these cases, the journey to a stunning smile is a longer one. A professional dentist is not going to ignore striking evidence of decay, just so that you can have an instant white smile!

Remember, teeth in an hour in Houston may be the perfect quick beauty fix, but caring properly for your oral health at home is teeth for a lifetime.

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