Teeth Whitener Gel

Teeth whitening gel are use widely commercially and in home. They comes in different brands. Some are expensive and some are rarely cheap. Majority of these gels contained peroxide, a component that acts as the whitening agent on the product. Just like any other products out there, teeth bleaching gels also have advantages and disadvantages.

Teeth discoloration happens to the majority of consumers. This could either be because of our bad habits or medication. Some medicine, specifically anti-biotics can cause teeth discoloration. Too much soda and caffeine can cause teeth discoloration. Cigarettes, can cause teeth discoloration.

But majorly, the main cause of teeth discoloration is because it naturally as we aged. As we grow older, our tooth’s enamel erodes. When the enamel is eroded, the lower layer that is called dentin will appear. Typically, dentin looks yellowish or greyish, does, your teeth will appear discolored.

The Pros.

Teeth whitening gels are relatively inexpensive. There are some that will not cost you not more than 25 bucks and this could last you up to a week.

Enjoy the various flavors on teeth whitening gels. They now comes with different fruity flavors which makes it more enticing to use.

Teeth bleaching gels are easy to use. You just have to brush them on your teeth using a mini brush, let it sit there for a certain amount of time, wash up, then you are done.

These gels are easy to find. You don’t have to go through the hassle of seeking this sort of product because they can be bought almost in all stores. You may also want to purchase your teeth whitener on online marketplaces. There are some online marketplaces that offers free shipping and discounts for their customers.

The Cons.

If you are a busy person, you might not like the time that you need to spare for your teeth whitening regimen. The least time requirement in each regimen is 15-20 minutes, twice daily. If you find this as a huge commitment, then you might want to do some laser teeth bleaching instead. It only takes an hour or more, and with just one session you will see the appearance of your teeth that you dreamed of.

Most of these gels contain peroxide (carbamide peroxide/hydrogen peroxide). Peroxide is not suitable for all types of teeth. This can cause more teeth sensitivity.

Some cases show that there are consumers who suffersfrom gum blistering because of the gel they use. Also there are some serious sore throat problems reported due to accidental swallowing of the solution.

Because of the flooding of these products in the market, you would be having hard time which to pick when all of them promise to give you the best smile that you dreamed of.

When using any teeth whiteners, one must follow the instruction stated on the product’s label. It is important. If you are not sure which specific teeth whitening product to buy, you better consult an oral health care specialist first.

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