Standard Teeth Whitening

Smiling in a crowd for many people is a big task as they feel embarrassed to show off their discolored teeth. However instead of feeling pity for oneself, it is better to do something for this discoloration, like opting for some teeth whitening procedure to whiten your teeth.

There are different procedures adopted for teeth whitening, where standard teeth whitening is one of these procedures. To understand the concept of teeth whitening, you have to first understand how and why your teeth discolor. Most teeth stains are due to aging, coffee, tea and tobacco. Even too much of antibiotics like tetracycline and too much of fluoride can lead to teeth discoloration.


Various treatment options for whitening

There are numerous treatment options associated with standard tooth whitening, which includes over the counter whitening systems, toothpastes meant for whitening and the latest inception, laser tooth whitening. According to experts, the best method for maximum whitening is using hydroxide peroxide.

Today, people tend to prefer using supervised bleaching procedures for teeth whitening. This procedure can be done at home and in the office where in some cases, the whole process is done in the office using a light or heat source. This light or heat source is used to actually speed up the bleaching process.

In some cases, the oral health care professional starts the procedure in the office, and then instructs you on completing it at home. They provide the material you will need to complete at home. There is another option of standard teeth teeth whitening, where you can do the whole procedure at home.

Night guard vital bleaching can be done at home

These procedures that are done at home are called night guard vital bleaching. This procedure is done placing a bleaching solution, which is a peroxide mixture in a tray or night guard. The oral health professional would have custom fitted this tray for your mouth prior to this.

The bleaching solution that is used for teeth whitening is of different potencies and should be worn for an hour or throughout the night. It is up to the dentist to tell you how long you have to use the bleaching solution, the right potency for your teeth whitening based on how much discoloration your teeth has undergone, and your budget.

Teeth whitening is not effective in whitening fillings

Standard teeth whitening is effective in whitening most forms of removal of stains that are caused by coffee, tea, age and tobacco. However other types of stains, like those caused by tetracycline and excess fluoride tends to respond less reliably to bleaching.

However, before you actually consider trying out teeth whitening, you have to remember that if there is a tooth filling, when you undergo bleaching, the filling remains yellow as dental restorations don’t change in color with teeth whiteners.

Side effects of standard teeth whitening

There are some minimal and tolerable side effects associated with standard tooth whitening. Some patients have experienced discomfort with short term side effects with bleached teeth.

The temperature sensitivity in the teeth can also be increased with hydrogen peroxide, especially if you use stronger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, some people experience gum irritation with night guards.

The excessive use of over the counter home bleaching products for teeth whitening only leads to wearing away of the tooth enamel. This is most prevalent in solutions that have acid in them; and this is why it is better to conduct this procedure under the eye of a dentist or a professional oral health care provider.

Bright Smile Teeth Whitening

Are you are afraid to smile because people will see your stained teeth then teeth whitening is fantastic and can boost your confidence with a treatment to improve your smile

A white smile can make an immense difference in your overall appearance. A beautiful smile can boost your self-image and open doors. It is the very foundation of a new you.

There are a number of ways in which people can help to boost their self confidence but teeth whitening is fairly newcomer to the list.

You can normally see your results in just 1 hour after a treatment. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and it really is simple, teeth Whitening Like it or not, people do judge you by your smile. Stained teeth make you appear older and tired, reducing your self-confidence.

Zoom teeth whitening UK

If you are looking for whiter smile then tooth whitening can be very effective way of lightning your teeth colour. Many things we do on a regular basis can contribute to stained teeth. The right food can make your teeth whiter and healthier while the wrong food makes yellow or stained teeth.

Zoom whitening is the simplest, most user friendly and effective system on the market for professional teeth whitening. On a marketing perspective, these are all fantastic benefits that are reaped and you no longer have to live with dull, stained teeth.

After just an hour or so, you will enjoy noticeably whiter teeth. “Having your teeth whitened makes you feel good. Almost everyone wants whiter teeth these days.

Teeth whitening can help reverse the effects of aging and create a dramatic difference in the way you look to others and the way you feel about yourself.

People who have brown or yellow stained teeth are very conscious of this shortcoming. Tobacco stained teeth and tartar build up from smoking and poor oral. Many people feel uncomfortable knowing that their teeth are yellow and stained.

Nicotine is not the only bad habit to cause staining to the enamel but caffeine, red wine, gravy and sauces will also stain the teeth but like many things it will depend on the frequency of usage but with such a simple and time effective treatment available for your teeth then no need to worry.

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Zoom teeth whitening UK

Toothpaste Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures vary in accessibility and price. It used to be that dentists were the ones solely knowledgeable in the process of teeth whitening, but the popularity of teeth whitening toothpastes have made the practice easily achievable by anyone.

I. Toothpastes

Teeth whitening toothpaste has been proven to work since a popular whitening toothpaste has been proven to achieve a record of 1.5 shades of whitening improvement after only a month of being used. The problem lies on the teeth itself and how much the bearer of the teeth will be as eager to support and contribute to the cause of his or her own teeth whitening. Be realistic. Teeth whitening toothpastes work, but teeth turned pristine white need to be kept white, the same way that newly-washed cars need to be regularly kept clean, and newly-bleached white clothes need to be kept away from chocolate, grease or dirt.

II. Teeth Discoloration

1. Basic Tooth Color

In all races, culture, and in different kinds of people, tooth color is just as similarly varied. There are numerous shades of white existing not just in the palette of nature but also in the teeth of humans. No specific color or shade exists that determines it to be the one color that would rule them all. Although some person’s teeth are naturally brighter than the others, this is no cause for alarm. Teeth whitening toothpastes whiten to a lighter degree the shades of one’s teeth, but no two shades are alike, one could be better or not so better than the other.

2. Discoloration Agents Abound

They are everywhere, agents of discoloration surround every person and each tooth which in turn create – if not wreak havoc – on one’s pearly whites. The amount of discoloration a teeth would have really depends on how consistent their exposure is to these discoloration agents. And they are so easily accessible: from coffees, dark sodas to red wine. These all bring darkening of the teeth, voluntarily or involuntarily. It all depends on the teeth’s owner and how much he or she could regulate the intake of these elements. But the major source of teeth discoloration is through smoking. Cigarettes stain the teeth as well as leave a not so healthy stain on the lungs, mouth and throat, but that is another story.

3. Tetracycline exposure

Children aged eight years old and below who were given antibiotics which contained tetracycline were found to possess a yellowish brown as well as a bluish grey staining on their teeth when they grew up as adults. Tetracycline has therefore been attributed to this problem and so have been prevented from being given to children during the formative years of tooth growth.

4. Too Much Flouride

Fluorosis is a condition that causes a chalky-white as well as a brown tooth staining. This is caused by too much ingestion of fluoride during an age where children, usually below five years old, mostly swallow all the toothpaste placed on their toothbrushes. Children at this young an age should be guided on how to appropriately brush the teeth to avoid further teeth discoloration problem in the future.

5. Gum Recession

Teeth will appear dark in some people who have receding gums in one or more teeth. The reason for this is that the surface of teeth are not covered by enamel but by dentin. Dentin is a dark material that occurs in the teeth ordinarily. Teeth whitening toothpaste may have difficulty whitening teeth stained by a naturally-occurring element in the mouth, but it could try.

6. Old Age

Though teeth can be cleaned white and be prevented from turning dark or discolored, old age cannot. There are people whose teeth color turned to a darker shade as they grew in age and matured. Yellowing is common in most teeth.

How To Get Your Teeth Whiter

So many people are embarrassed to let their smiles show. Bright smiles often become a memory of the past due to age, coffee, or tea. However, there are many solutions available today to bring back your pearly whites.

Here are several options for the person who wants to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile:

1. Laser teeth whitening is an option that has increased in popularity in recent years. One of the most popular options is the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure, which can make your teeth up nine shades lighter. Laser teeth whitening can give you a brighter smile, but you can expect a fairly high price tag. This procedure can also be fairly time-consuming.

2. You could also get your teeth whitened professionally at the dentist. This option is costly and time-consuming as well.

3. Another option is to use whitening strips. One of the most popular options in this area are the Crest whitening strips. This can increase the lightness of your teeth by several shades. These have been found to be quite effective. They can be easily purchased at a pharmacy or drugstore and are worn up to twice a day for half an hour each time. This option is much more cost effecient. The only drawback that you might face with whitening strips is that they only whiten the teeth they are in direct contact with. Some people have found that the strips are not long enough to cover all they show when they smile. A tray based system will solve this problem by delivering whitener to all the teeth equally.

4. Whitening trays can be worn for up to several hours a day. This is a very successful method because the whitening gel is kept continually on the teeth. However, it is not used as much as the other options because it tends to interfere with daily life.

However, there are a variety of options to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. You can now make it a lasting impression.

Getting Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is a common procedure in general dentistry, but most especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. It is generally accepted that white teeth are an attractive feature of a smile. The bleaching procedure is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and healthy gums, but it is not recommended or will be less successful when other problems are involved, like gum diseases or fillings.

As a person ages the adult teeth often become darker. This darkening is due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, as the enamel (the hardest substance in your body) becomes less porous. Teeth can also become stained by bacterial pigments, foodstuffs and tobacco. And because white teeth are subconsciously associated with youth, the bleaching procedures have become very popular in the past decade. Teeth whitening methods used in cosmetic dentistry are definitely excellent, non-invasive techniques to whiten your smile.

Almost anyone whose permanent teeth have come in can qualify for whitening his teeth. There are many whitening procedures to consider starting with the whitening toothpastes and bleaching kits that anyone can afford, and continuing with sophisticated methods in cosmetic dentistry like laser bleaching procedures and expensive in-office whitening sessions.

Cosmetic dentistry uses two main methods for teeth whitening. The first one involves applying a high concentration of oxidizing agent for a short period of time, which is the so-called “office bleach” or “power bleaching”. The alternative method involves using a thin mouth guard or strip to hold a low concentration of oxidizing agent next to the teeth for as long as several hours a day for a period of 5 to 14 days. This is known as “take-home” or “over-the-counter bleaching”.

As a relatively new procedure in cosmetic dentistry, “laser bleaching” is a variation of the above in-office power bleaching method. The difference is that “laser bleaching” uses an argon laser to activate the bleaching agent instead of the usual light source used in traditional in-office procedures. Very good aesthetics can be obtained by using veneers, which are thin layers of restorative material placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or to protect a damaged tooth surface. They are an option for closing gaps or disguising discolored teeth that did not respond well to whitening procedures.

If you decide that cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for both yourself and your family, remember that you should ask your dentist which whitening technique is best for you, and also try not to expect overnight miracles. Teeth that are yellow respond best to bleaching. Brown or gray teeth, or teeth striped or mottled from tetracycline or too much fluoride, may not whiten evenly when bleached. People with periodontal disease or particularly sensitive teeth may want to avoid chemical whitening techniques that can irritate tender gums and they may want to investigate other options, like veneers or bonding with their dentist. Cavities need to be treated before teeth are whitened. Also, teeth whitening will not work on exposed tooth roots, receding gums, crowns or veneers.

As for the risks, teeth whitening is unlikely to cause serious side effects, although some people’s teeth may become more sensitive temporarily. Time has proven that the bleaching methods used in cosmetic dentistry are both safe and effective. Nevertheless improving the mouth appearance should not take place if the patient is a pregnant woman because the effect of the whitening materials on the development of the fetus is not known, and it is recommended to postpone the whitening procedure until after delivery.

Over time, exposure to foods, drinks (especially coffee, tea, colas and red wine) and tobacco will gradually darken your newly whitened teeth. But there are steps you can take to maintain them. For instance you should use whitening toothpaste to remove surface stains and prevent yellowing; remember to rush or rinse immediately after consuming stain-causing beverages or foods. Use a straw to drink beverages that stain, such as coffee, tea, colas and red wine. Also you should check whether you need a touch up. Depending upon the teeth whitening method you used, you may need a touch up in six months or after a year or two. If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, you may need a touch up more often.

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic service provided by cosmetic dentistry and you should not be afraid to give it a try. Don’t forget to ask your dentist for more information about your available options as well as other procedures that could really improve both your look and your life in general!